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Lakeside Paddle is Fort Worth’s leading destination for Standup Paddle lessons, rentals and gear. We are family owned and pride ourselves on providing you personal service, quality equipment, and professional staff. Our head instructor has 30 + years of open water experience and loves to share his knowledge and passion for the on-the-water lifestyle with others.

Lake Worth is a great spot for beginners and intermediate | advanced level paddlers to Standup Paddleboard and is conveniently located right off of Jacksboro Hwy at the Lake Worth Boat & Ski Club (Just 8 miles from Downtown Fort Worth).  Lake Worth is less crowded than other lakes and the wind protected shores, scenic views and wild life make it one of the best spots to paddle in North Texas.

We offer many ways for you to Get on Board and see for yourself why Standup Paddle is the fastest growing water sport | recreational activity in the world. With Professional Lessons, Social Paddles, Rentals and Gear; Lakeside Paddle has something for everyone. Make sure to check out our full line of quality new & used gear from VESL the next time you're out!  

lakeside paddle (682) 710-2985 INFO@lakesidepaddle.COM

4001 Marina dr. Fort worth TX 76135